Piping For Any Occasion: Have Pipes, Will Travel!

event pricing

For Non-Wedding performances:

$200.00 for first hour.
$75 for each additional hour.

For Weddings:

Budget Package: $200.00
To play at entrance to the Wedding venue for 45 minutes prior to the Service.

Economy Package: $275.00
To also play outside while waiting for Bride and Groom to emerge, and while pictures are being taken.

Celtic Heritage Package: $350.00
To also play any number of tunes during the service (Processional, Recessional, etc.) Any of my bagpipes can be played in conjunction with other instruments (often an organ or guitar for weddings), and the resulting music can be spectacular.

Hal The Piper Premium Package: $425.00
To play before the Ceremony, During the Ceremony, After the Ceremony And for The Reception - but if you choose this option, the total will be $400. This option can involve: playing outside the Reception Venue with Bagpipes AND/OR playing inside during cocktail hour with ìSmallpipesî AND/OR Pipe the Bride and Groom into the Reception AND/OR play a Waltz for any of the Special Dances during the evening (e.g. ìEndearing Young Charmsî) AND/OR do a performance after dinner which would include fast, catchy tunes to encourage dancing.

A few comments about the sound volume of a bagpipe, and whether bagpipes are suitable indoors. I have played successfully inside many churches. Sometimes I play in the choir loft - that can be convenient if an organist is there - we can coordinate easily. In each instance, I have received positive feedback from the brides, grooms, and their families. Inside, in a small room/space, or a room with low ceilings the big pipes will be too loud unless it's in a packed bar at St. Patrick's Day - there the crowd noise can almost drown out a bagpipe! In small rooms, when we want people to be able to have conversation (e.g. cocktail hour etc.), that is the perfect time for using a smallpipe which is similar in sound volume to a clarinet/sax (I also have an electronic bagpipe called a DegerPipe - it can be hooked up to a speaker, and will play at any volume, in any key that is desired). So, if you want a Celtic flavor to the music at a ceremony or reception, it can be delivered Live and In Person, at any sound level you want!

An extra fee may also apply to cover transportation expenses outside of the greater Washington D.C./Baltimore area. If you require a pipe and drum ensemble, I can arrange that. Would you like a performance by a Highland, or Irish dancer?

For additional information on rates for your special occasion email me from my contact us page or call 443-995-2691.